Slightly vintage style edited photo in smooth sunset colors,. A sun-tanned girl looking to the left, so that only her profile is visible. Her hair are a bit curly, blond and tied into a bun. The light is smooth and leaves an impression of a summer night. There is a lot of dark green field and trees as a background. The girl is wearing black top and she has a golden necklace and a string of a handbag is visible over all. She's sitting on a chair, but only the upper part of her body is captured (a head shot)
I am a professional food photographer, stylist and videographer, based in Estonia, North-Europe. As mentioned above my photo, I work remotely all over the world. Want your recipes or food stories to be captured? Just send them over by email. Wish your products and brands to be shot? You may send them - but to be honest, you don't even need to do that if they are available in my country. In that case I can get them myself. If not, just pack them, pick a delivery company and they will take care of the rest.

Previously I have had several food-related projects: two cute small recipe blogs and two sweet tiny bakeries. The photography part of all that became more and more important for me throughout the years and now, being a professional food photographer, I see that as my main focus.

My aim is to capture vibrant, emotional and nature-inspired photos of food, shoot spirited and cheerful cooking videos and cook flavour and love packed meals by interpreting traditional recipes my own way. My heart belongs to comfort food, street food and healthy interpretations of modern fast food, but I'm deeply interested in simply all food. :)
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